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Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver

  • First released on 5 October, 1998 for PC

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    The little die-cast cars from Matchbox make their way to the Game Boy Color with HOT WHEELS STUNT TRACK DRIVER. You can choose from five different Hot Wheels cars, including Way 2 Fast, Tow Jam, Shadow Jet, Saltflat Racer and the Twin Mill each with unique strengths and weaknesses. After picking the right car, take it for a test drive on one of the six tracks in the Single Race mode. When you want some stiff competition, try to win successive races in the Tournament mode. And if your friends think they can drive better than you, make them prove it with the two-player link cable option. In all of the modes, the key to winning is to maximize your speed by pulling off big stunts. Find out if you have what it takes to become a Hot Wheels Driver in HOT WHEELS STUNT TRACK DRIVER.




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