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King's Quest III: To Heir Is Human

  • First released on 1 October, 1986 for PC DOS

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    With over 50,000 units sold in it's first six weeks of release (on just one computer), King's Quest III was the best received software sequel of the year. As the game moves to other computers, it is quickly becoming the best-selling 3-D animated adventure game in history.

    Like it's predecessors, King's Quest III breaks new ground in the development of adventure games as an art form. "Questbusters- The Adventurers' Journal" praises the "several exceptional innovations introduced in King's Quest III" including the addition of pull-down menus, special self-mapping features and an advanced parser.

    King's Quest III also breaks new ground in the area of puzzles and plot. The complexity of the storyline, and the intricate game puzzles, make for a game that will challenge even the most experienced adventurer. Subplots include an escape from slavery, piracy on the high seas, and the mastery of powerful magic.

    King's Quest III is a graphics extravaganza with plenty of color, animation and quick screen changes. The locations and characters of King's Quest III are the most lifelike and interactive to date. The soundtrack, which includes well-choreographed music and funny sound effects, adds new dimensions to the viewer's enjoyment. In fact King's Quest III was nominated for "Best Music in Computer Software" by the Software Publisher's Association.

    The most fun you can have playing computer adventure games! In 1983 Roberta Williams and her team of programming artists designed the original King's Quest playing system. Four years later, King's Quest games are still the most enjoyable adventure games available.

    Roberta Williams is designer of the King's Quest series. Over the last half decade, Roberta has worked closely with The Walt Disney Company and Jim Henson in the development of computer software. Her games have sold more copies than any other woman in computer software history.



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