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Lone Echo II

  • First released on 31 December, 2019 for PC

  • About

    Lone Echo was a single-play story set in a sci-fi universe, while Echo Arena was a multiplayer competitive mode that took place in the same fictional universe as Lone Echo.

    Lone Echo set up a relationship between Liv, an astronaut, and Jack, an android on a distant space station. Something goes wrong when the station detects an anomaly, and drama ensues. You played the game as Jack, the android.

    Ready At Dawn released a trailer where Liv is back, a captive in an enclosed space in another space station. Jack lies in pieces, and Liv tries what she can to repair him. To do that, you have to pick up pieces and help Liv weld the robot back to together. At the close of the trailer, someone arrives, and Liv tells Jack to be quiet and not let them know he is conscious again.

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