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Rubberduck Wave Racer

  • First released on 13 April, 2023 for PlayStation 5
  • Be a duckling - a squeaky duckling!

    Be a duckling - a squeaky duckling!


    Be a duckling - a squeaky duckling!

    An incredibly fast ride over raging rivers and thundering white-water rapids. But your duckling also floats on lava, fruit juice and the Milky Way!

    The ducklings are just as wacky as the tracks: Diver Duck, Superduck, Unicorn Duck, Beauty Duck and many more are available for you to choose from.

    With up to four friends you can compete against each other - and everyone can be as cute as they like.

    But don't be fooled - there are also nasty power-ups that can really bother you and your opponents!

    Now get out on the water!


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