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Street Racquetball

  • First released on 7 February, 2003 for PlayStation

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    Street Racquetball is one of very few console games featuring the enclosed sport of racquetball, though the first title devoted to the sport, Racquetball, was released in 1981 for the Atari Video Computer System. A1 Games' history of released sports related games includes tennis, boxing, bowling, kickboxing, snowboarding, racing and more.

    As in indoor racquetball courts, Street Racquetball's "outdoor" courts contain two sidewalls, a front wall, serving zones, and a receiving line -- but no ceiling. Players can opt for exhibition mode (against the computer), challenge mode (unlock new characters and courts by winning three consecutive matches), training mode (continuous rally solo play), or two-player VS mode. Three difficulty settings offer "easy," "normal." or "hard" gameplay, ball bounce levels can be adjusted to "low," "middle," or "high," and the eight computer-controlled opponents are rated in performance level, type of game, power, speed, and skill. Shots include slams, lobs, and drop shots.



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