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Super Sartdust Delta

  • First released on 12 January, 2012 for PlayStation Vita

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    A radical evolution of the top-selling, award-winning SSD HD for PS3, Super Stardust Delta takes you on a breathtaking tour of a new galaxy filled with jaw-dropping sights and sounds.

    Using Playstation Vita’s unique controls and capabilities, you’ll unleash spectacular sci-fi weaponry on your enemies. Behold the “Black Hole Bomb”, “Super Missile Strike” and “EMP blast”!

    Feel your eyes pop out of your head at the sight of gigantic cosmic terrors holding entire planets hostage!

    Tilt the camera to reconnoiter the planet’s far side, and master the new “Super Boost” system to rack up some seriously high scores!

    How high can you go on the global leaderboards?

    · Use the touchscreen to create awesome black holes. Blast asteroids using the dual analog sticks. Leverage motion-sensitive gameplay to deploy devastating shock waves!

    · Enjoy classic gameplay modes from Super Stardust HD and Super Stardust Portable, as well as brand-new modes exclusive to PS Vita

    · Blast your way to the top of the Playstation Network’s intergalactic rankings!

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