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Asmik Ace

A Japanese video game developer. Founded in 1985, Asmik largely focused on the growing console market, especially the NES/Famicom. In 1997 they merged with Ace Entertainment, a movie company, to form Asmik Ace Entertainment.


Asmik Corporation was a video game developer and movie distributor founded as a subsidiary to Sumitomo Corporation, and named for the three companies that led to its creation: ASK, Sumitomo and Kodansha. Asmik's games often featured the company's mascot, Asmik-kun (known as Boomer in the US and Europe).

While developing NES games was the company's original focus, it also started distributing motion pictures in Japan. In 1997 it merged with another movie distributor, Ace Entertainment, to become Asmik Ace Entertainment. Asmik Ace still produces games, but presently focuses more on their movie distribution business.


Chiyoda City, Tokyo

Company size

51-200 employees