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  • Japan, 〒108-0073 Tokyo, Minato City, Mita, 3-chōme−13−16, Mita 43 Mt Bldg., 2階


As a development company of the BANDAI NAMCO Group, BB Studio plans and develops game software by making the most of the intellectual property of characters.

In collaboration with not only the in-house development team but also external development companies, we will demonstrate partnerships with each company and share wisdom together to create game software.

This is also the basic philosophy of "co-creation and co-creation."

At BB Studio, we would like to establish a "brand" for "people," "things," "money," and "information" as management resources. This is because it is the success of an entertainment company to enhance the "brand" based on trust and trust.

Create "fun," "satisfying," and "play" as part of time-consuming leisure.

To that end, BB Studio continues research and development and is taking on new challenges. We will continue to create excellent content that satisfies "play," "comfort," "time," and "fullness" and provide it to the market.

BB Studio makes use of its track record in developing home video game software, and is taking on a wide range of challenges not only in existing platforms but also in new fields. We will provide a workplace where young people can run into the future and have fun working.



Minato City, Japan

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1 Feb, 1994

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