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  • Shin-nakano Sta., 4-chōme-2-15 Chūō, Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0011, Japan


A game software planning and development company.

The company name "Cattle Call" is a Hollywood audition, and since gathering actors is commonly called "Cattle Call", we hoped that many staff members who would make games together would gather. After creating a company, he learned the importance of "altruistic mind", thought about what he could do to the other party as much as possible from the position he was in at any time, and made the game sincerely and politely. We hope that all the staff will be aware of this and meet your expectations. With that thought in mind, I would like to continue creating games with my beloved friends. Thank you for using "Cattle Call".

"I want to be a company that always throws a stone. It's only halfway to put up such a good idea, such as changing the world or making people happy, but I

believe that we can throw a stone through the game, such as a little "surprise" or "impression" . An era when it is difficult to imagine a bright future. We hope that the ripples created by our stones will change the world you see even a little and help you to open up your life. In order to continue to throw a stone in the future, we want to be a company that seriously thinks about "play" by pursuing "I can do it! What should I do" and "half a step ahead" without giving up in any situation. hoping.


Nakano City, Japan

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20 Mar, 1998

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