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  • 6 Chome-11 Ueno, Taito City, Tokyo 110-0005, Japan


Collavier Corporation is a Japanese company specializing in the development of DSI and iOS games and apps.

Placing trust in each person's competences is the approach we chose.

Then, we also are convinced that the interaction between individuals is the best source for awakening new abilities. Offering these people an opportunity to develop their skills while taking part in the company's projects is our concept.

The convenience with this attitude is that we are not confined with a specific line or type of products.

We take good care that every member of our team has the opportunity to undertake work that fascinates and drives him.

Considering every member's ideas and desires in order to ensure the most entertaining products, thus we may finally hope to satisfy as many people in as we possibly can.


Taito City, Japan

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25 Dec, 2008

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