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  • ul. "Magnaurska shkola" 11, 1784 7-ми 11-ти километър, Sofia, Bulgaria


We're an independent game development team brought together by a common passion: to thrill, engage and provoke gamers worldwide.

Haemimont Games is a of a tight little unit which holds approximately 50 talented employers. Already since the company's rise in 1997 they've had programmers creating new original game engines for the company's successful titles. Not only creating engines, Haemimont Games creates all aspects of their games themselves. So the games coming out of Haemimont is guaranteed original. The company is mostly occupied with creating real-time strategy games, and just to "sub-genre" it even a little more, they mostly develop fantasy RTS games.

The company's success has made it possible for them to enter partnership with other big companies in the business. Haemimont have acquired partners over the years such as; Atari, CDV, English Software Limited and FX Interactive, just to mention some.

Haemimont Games' history. ..

In Bulgaria, 1997, Haemimont Games has officially become a game development company. The company is well organized and is capable to pull together a talented team and ready to develop and market a original RTS title. The title Haemimont Games had be working on for about three years is later to be known as Tzar: The Burden of the Crown, an original fantasy RTS game. Their debut title was released in January 2000 and went gold the same year. The game did so well financially that the next Haemimont Games project, Celtic Kings, was to be entirely funded by Tzar's commercial success. When Celtic Kings also went gold in 2002, the company's profile was becoming more and more attractive to talented 3D and graphic artists and the company in whole sparkled of success.

Haemimont was now the biggest game development company in Bulgaria and had a bunch of resources and wanted to explore the company's capabilities. And in that context the company begins the development of a new fast-paced fantasy RTS -- Rising Kingdoms. The thing about Rising Kingdom was that it was different compared to the two previous releases from Haemimont Games, which can be a dangerous twist in a game developers market strategy. But in Haemimont Games case, Rising Kingdoms did not fall into that hole. The game did very good and went gold in 2005, at the same time Celtic Kings had sold over one million copies worldwide.

Haemimont Games is definitely the biggest game developer in Bulgaria and also has a great influence on the outside of their native country, even though the only studio existing in Haemimont Games name is based in Sofia, Bulgaria.


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1 Sep, 1997

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