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  • Stříbrná Lhota 747/747, 252 10 Mníšek pod Brdy, Czechia


Bohemia Interactive is an independent developer based in the Czech Republic, known for their military simulation video games, such as the first Operation Flashpoint games, and the ArmA series.

. .. There is also a Bohemia Interactive Studio in Australia, that created VBS1 as a training system for use to train the United States Army, Marine Corps, etc. in true military simulations. There is also a newer version, known as VBS2, that adds more realism, added scenarios, amongst other improvements. In the beginning . .. and the rest of the story Bohemia Interactive is a small group of developers based in Prauge, the Czech Republic. The company is lead by a certain Mark Spanel, who is also co-owner of the Bohemia Interactive -- Bohemia Interactive was founded in 1990. The company itself is member of IDEA Games, which functions as the company's consultant and partly as a game publisher. The game development studio was in partnership with Codemasters for a long time but was let loose sometime before the release fo Arma: Armed Assault, the company's first game after Operation Flashpoint. The at-the-time completely unknown and . .. company showed by presenting gamers with Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis that the company, in fact, was a prestigious and talented company. By delivering an awesome and realistic warfare experience through their incredible well-received Cold War Crisis they soon set their mark in the warfare simulator genre and has proved this time and time again with releases of official expansion packs to the Operation Flashpoint series and games like ArmA: Armed Assault and ArmA II. . .. Let's just take it back a couple of steps -- back to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis (their debut game). When it was released in 2001, it pretty quickly became best seller in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Australia and the Czech Republic. It was also one of the highest selling games in the USA that year. Bohemia Interactive followed up with expansions like Resistance, making Operation Flashpoint a long lasting game experience by adding (of course) new gameplay as well as apparent engine updates keeping the game fresh and up to modern times in terms of graphics. In '05, Microsoft gave the go-ahead through Codemasters game studio that Operation Flashpoint was to be specially made to the Xbox. The game didn't reach the huge success on the console platform like it did on PC, but is still considered as a valuable game in the Xbox game library. Sometime before the release of their also well-received ArmA: Armed Assault the small team split up with the publisher Codemasters. Owning the rights for the Operation Flashpoint name, Codemasters later went off to make their own Operation Flashpoint game (later to be known as Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising) and Bohemia interactive created Armed Assault, and later ArmA II. Bohemia Interactive is now working on Arma 3 and Carrier Command: Gaea Mission. September 30, 2010 - Bohemia Interactive finalizes acquisition of three development studios located in the Czech Republic. The studios are: Black Element Software , Altar Games and Centauri Production . Games list Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis - June 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Gold Edition (Expansion) - November 2001 Operation Flashpoint: Resistance (Expansion) - June 2002 Operation Flashpoint: GOTY Edition (Expansion) - November 2002 Operation Flashpoint: Elite (Xbox) - October 2005 ArmA: Armed Assault - November 2006 / February 2007 ArmA: Queen's Gambit (Expansion) - September 2007 ArmA II - June 2009 Arma II: Operation Arrowhead (Expansion) - June 2010

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30 Sep, 1999

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