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Blackmill Games is a Dutch game development company specializing in high quality premium games.



Origin: In January 2013 Blackmill Games was founded professionally after 10 years of experience developing games and modifications such as MokMok (2007), The Great Trench War (2004), Trench Rats (2003), Battlefield 1918/2 (2007) It is founded on solid field experience and an international academic background in Software Engineering.

Skills: Blackmill has a broad skillset and during the last 7 years, has specialized in working with the unity engine implementing mainly the complex multiplayer gameplay environment of the world war I FPS, Verdun.

Philosophy: Our development philosophy is creating meaningful and immersive experiences for gamers. This is done by balancing high quality content and effective gameplay solutions.

Collaboration: Blackmill has experience in collaborating with several studios and freelance indie developers as well as bigger parties such as Steam and Humble Bundle. It has done so successfully since before its official creation.


Alkmaar, North Holland

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