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  • Regent House, Hove St, Hove BN3 2DW, UK


The boutique studio of remarkable games. Peaky Blinders, PowerWash Simulator, Velocity 2X, Surge Deluxe.

FuturLab is an award winning game studio based in Brighton, UK. We develop and publish original games on mobile and console. Currently working on the first official Peaky Blinders videogame for release in 2020.

We pride ourselves on developing the most engaging ideas, and always seek to elicit three levels of response from our target audience:

1) Ooh, cool!

2) Ahh, I see!

3) Damn, that's really clever actually...

In practical terms, this means a high level of accessibility, an engaging level of depth, and most importantly an elegant way of delivering an experience, so that it has a lasting impact on its audience.


Hove, England

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12 Dec, 2003

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