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Eclectic video games and tabletop news, reviews, videos, and podcasts. We love indiedevs and indiegames.

B3 was launched back in May 2016 with the plan of building a place where games of all shapes and sizes could be celebrated. With over a decade of writing about games between the founders, and each in possession of a lifetime of gaming, they were confident they could achieve this goal. Soon others flocked to the banners. Even though the faces have changed, the goals remain the same.

Our goal is to create a middle-ground within the gulf of grassroots and success-story among both the writing and development side of the industry. With our articles delivering both feedback and respect for the development process. We believe in being fair and respectful in our articles and we always aim to focus on the mechanics and ideas behind the game as much as the more visual and audible components.

We’re also dedicated to creating a place where we can train up and mentor those who would otherwise not be confident enough to start a written career in the industry. Maybe


could join us on this journey.


Chelmsford, England

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1 May, 2016

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