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Accidental Queens

Accidental Queens is an independent developer based in Tourcoing, France.


Accidental Queens is a video game development studio founded by three women from the industry. After the success of the prototype of A Normal Lost Phone at Global Game Jam 2016, the team has grown in order to deliver a final version of the project. The studio seeks to create games that feature new mechanics, exploring topics from everyday life and social questions, through innovative narrative tools.

Accidental Queens is living the story many independent studios dream of: winning over players from all around the world with the help of a prototype made in 48 hours by a team of four (Elizabeth Maler, Diane Landais, Estelle Charrié and Rafael Martínez Jausoro), then building a legal structure to start the production of a marketable version.


Tourcoing, Hauts-de-France

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