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Gebo Kano

Educational app and game developer. Our work includes Word Creativity Kit, Magnetry and Ikue.


Gebo Kano is an independent application developer and publisher.

We make quality educational apps and puzzle games for iOS. Our apps are designed by a primary school teacher and parents. They are designed to stimulate and entertain at the same time.

All apps are designed by teachers and made with strict technical standards.

The Icelandic Ministry of Education has sponsored some of our work and it has been praised worldwide by educators as well as children.

Gebo and Kano are runes from the FUÞARK rune alphabet.

gebo Gebo is the sound G. Gebo means gift or giving.

kano Kano is the sound K. Kano means fire of life, wisdom, creativity and discovery


Reykjavík, Capital Region

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