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  • St Augustine St, Galway, Ireland


Romero Games is a multi-award-winning AAA game studio based in Galway, Ireland.

Everyone at Romero Games is here because we are passionate about making great games. For us, it is a calling. We are friends as well as co-workers. We hang out together, game together and support one another at work and in our independent projects. We cultivate a culture of learning and camaraderie, and we deliberately seek out the best individuals to join us. We also deeply believe in the Irish game dev scene and support it through events, speaking and service at schools and in the community.

We also believe in diversity. Romero Games is founded by a Cherokee and Yaqui Indian as well as a female tech leader. This is reflected in our games and in our company culture.


Galway, Ireland

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1 Jan, 2015

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