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D-Pad Studio

Tiny team from Norway, dabbling in pixelart. Creators of Owlboy


"D-Pad Studio is a small indie game studio, best known for our flagship game Owlboy, which is a platform adventure game where you can fly and explore a large open world.

Our team, which is situated in Norway, the US, and Canada, consists of 5 people, and we first started working together in 2007. The company, D-Pad Studio AS, was founded in 2011, and is registered in Bergen, Norway. As a team, we are all inspired by the old video games that we grew up with, and we want to create games that are as full of charm and interactivity as the old classics. We greatly value our artistic independence and artistic and moral integrity, and try to make games that inspire both thought and emotion."


Viken, Viken

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