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  • North Gate, Bonifraterska 17, 00-203 Warsaw, Poland


A hard rock games studio. The makers of Weedcraft Inc, Oh...Sir! series and Crush Your Enemies.

The Monarch was born in May 2015 and instantly decided to take over the world with the tool he thought most fitting for the task - video games. But not just any video games! Games as fresh and approachable as your momma’s bedsheets. Games that are a little bit of crazy but have a LOT of personality. No platform or genre will stand unconquered!

As every proper king, the Vile Monarch has his army... His two top henchmen are Kacper Kwiatkowski (specialty: creative intrigues) and Grzegorz Mazur (specialty: technical intrigues), infamous for co-creating a bunch of dubious video games - including This War of Mine (Kacper as designer and writer, Grzegorz as the lead programmer). The rest of his disturbingly skilled henchmen are even worse! Vile’s minions include ruffians partially responsible for such hits as The Witcher 3, Hard West or Beat Cop.

Vile Monarch’s games have been released on nearly every modern platform (PC, mobile, consoles - you name it), receiving praise both from players & reviewers and being featured on PewDiePie’s, Markiplier’s and Jacksepticeye’s channels. You might even use the fancy term “award-winning”, having received a huge treasury of prizes and nominations (including “The Best Polish Mobile Game” at Digital Dragons 2017 for Oh...Sir The Insult Simulator). World conquest in progress!

The Monarch’s high castle is in Warsaw, Poland. He might be the most evil being ever, but even Satan himself can be cool to hang out with. The Monarch plays Overwatch, StarCraft and poker with his minions. With his entourage, they attend hard rock gigs and a lot of parties (both after AND during work hours). There’s at least one serious band formed by his minions and, apparently more than one sincere friendship, yet the king still awaits for the first Vile marriage.

To make the long story short - we’re just a bunch of hard gamedev experts that know how to rock.


Warsaw, Poland

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18 Sep, 2016

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