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Buka Entertainment

BUKA" is a russian video game publisher and developer company adquired by 1C Company in July 2008.


Buka was founded in 1993, and the name loosely translates as "Bogey". In its early years Buka was in the business of selling gaming consoles - Sega, Nintendo, and Sony. In 1996 the company published its first game - Russian Roulette - which sold 15,000 copies in the CIS Countries. Two more games were published the following year Allods - Better known in the west as Rage of the Mages - and Vangers - Vangers - One for the Road. Buka was the first publisher to start selling games in "jewel cases" in CIS Countries; this was then picked up by other Russian publishers and later became standard practise.

On the 17th of July, 2008, Buka was purchased by 1C Company for a rumoured $50-80 million.


Domodedovo, Moscow Oblast

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