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Dawn of Play

Dawn of Play is a small indie game studio from Slovenia working out of the larger research and development company Razum.


Dawn of Play is a game development studio focusing on gameplay and innovation. Most of the team members used to work for a local mobile game developer Cocoasoft, while one was a journalist for a Slovenian game magazine Joker.

In December 2010 they released their first game, Monkey Labour for iOS, with a significant update later in March.

Their second game Twinoo followed in January 2011 as a free browser game and payable iOS version. It was later released for all major mobile platforms, mostly in its free lite version.

In April they started prototyping a puzzle dam building game ( TIGForums DevLog), but have since focused on other projects.

They developed a tool for source code conversion from Objective-C to C# called Automagical, which they used to port Monkey Labour to Windows with XNA Framework. On iOS they use their own port of XNA rewritten in Objective-C, released as an open source static library called XNI Framework. Lately they also created an OS X version and ported Monkey Labour to Macs as well.

Besides their webpage, the team can also be reached on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Ljubljana - Dobrunje, Ljubljana

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