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Floor 84 Studio

F84 is a world class development studio and leader in casual games.


F84 is based in Van Nuys, California.

Our team has developed over 200 titles that range in scope of multi-platform console for retail and top preforming F2P HTML5 games for the biggest entertainment companies in the world.

With over 15 years in business, F84 has developed a wide array of capabilities as well as created numerous strategic partnerships. With this network and our talented core team of Artists, Designers, Programmers and Producers are well positioned and committed to delivering the highest quality product possible.

F84 has a great passion for the place where art and technology meet and this is why we operate in the interactive and games business. As the market changes we are dedicated to change with it. We continually push our limits and expertise to the edge and believe that this is one of the many reasons for our success. Today, mobile dominates the digital landscape but we will never know absolutely what tomorrow brings. What we do know is we will be ready to embrace and take fullest advantage when its here.


Los Angeles, California

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