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  • 5355 Cartwright Ave, North Hollywood, CA 91601, USA


Founded by industry veterans in 2011, Tiny Castle Studios is an award-winning independent game developer located in Los Angeles, California.

Keeping our company small, creative, and truly special requires team members to be comfortable in a fast-paced production environment full of passion, ideas, challenges, and rapid changes. In their own pursuit of perfection, each team member assumes great personal responsibility and pride in their work.

Our sole purpose is to create amazing things for audiences. period. Team members check their egos at the door and reach their highest potential in a fun and positive atmosphere which champions collaboration, clear vision, ridiculousness, organization, magic, autonomy, personal improvement, creativity and problem solving.

Tiny Castle Studios places a strong emphasis on fair practices and promoting a healthy work/life balance. We want team members to be happy inside and outside of the workplace.

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1 Jan, 2011

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