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Galaxy Pest Control

Galaxy Pest Control (GPC) sits at the edge of the known universe to go where no mobile/social game studio has gone before.



We’re adventurers, mercenaries, early adopters of free-to-play, and Unity experts on a mission to redefine AAA tablet gaming.

Although GPC was founded in 2010, we have worked together since 1996. We built a team of talented game industry veterans to deliver the next generation of tablet games--fast-forwarding to uncharted territories with the new iPad as the minimum spec!

We were originally Lucky Chicken Games in 1998--shipping titles on the Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Microsoft Xbox, Windows PCs, Game Boy, and feature phones. In 2006, and after eight successful years, we sold the business to a New York-based private equity group. We then joined the new company as the management team and built two new entities: Abandon Mobile (in partnership with NBC Sports) and Abandon Interactive—where we developed and published two toy-to-virtual world products, Freaky Creatures (released to critical acclaim in 2009) and Freaky Pets (released in partnership with Hallmark in 2010).

GPC is poised to take a leadership position in next-gen tablet games with high-resolution graphics, top shelf music, and AAA-style production values unlike anything seen in the mobile universe. Embracing Facebook, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, GPC has set its sights on the mobile/social future with a number of titles currently in production.


Malibu, California

Company size

2-10 employees