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We work with you to create games, interactive experience, and emerging technologies. We are ideas, executed masterfully.



Broken Circle Studios is a digital interactive simulations developer that specializes in providing turn-key solutions to industry partners all over the world. Located in Southern California, our small team of experts has made it their mission to provide services of the utmost quality. Since 2007, we’ve made a name for ourselves by helping game developers and interactive simulations specialists achieve their goals on time, under budget, and above expectation. Our talented roster includes software engineers, sound designers, 2D and 3D artists, and business / marketing strategists capable of handling entire projects, filling the gaps in your production pipeline, and making the difference between success and failure.

We take pride in what we do. Every member of our team is an industry veteran, and each brings something special to the table. From AAA to Indie, from console to mobile, we’re about as diverse as it gets. Broken Circle Studios is also unapologetically a small core team, but with many partnered departments with the ability to scale when needed. Why? We’re selective about our clients and believe in providing focus and dedication. We don’t take job applications or accept internships. Every developer at Broken Circle Studios was hand selected and individually recruited from previous working relationship and experience. All this to provide you with the hand-crafted, seasoned expertise your company needs.


Norco, California

Company size

11-50 employees


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