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  • 6407 Excelsior Rd, Sacramento, CA 95829, USA


Game development dedicated to creating entire immersive worlds for you to explore and conquer.

Limitless creative freedom fueled by raw technical expertise drives us. We are still new, continuously learning at an incredible rate, but pursuing full mastery is a journey without end. We will always search for ways to improve our craft, questioning traditional methods and ideas in order to meet this new world’s unparalleled evolution head-on. We hunt for new ways of thinking; anything to challenge the status quo. Technically, we continuously experiment with new tools to help us develop better, faster, and stronger.

We dedicate these efforts to our players. We do this by tapping into our players’ curiosity by creating entire immersive worlds full of mystery, to explore and conquer.

In the end, we owe everything to our players. They make it all possible. Thank you. As such, we work for them, valuing affordability. We aim to allow everyone to lose themselves in an Arclight world.

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1 Jan, 2013

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