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Judobaby is the creative force and developer of AAA quality interactive family entertainment.

JudoBaby, a California C-corporation, is the creative developer and publisher of AAA quality interactive family entertainment that is easy to learn, fun to play, and entertaining for all ages. JudoBaby focuses on quality content delivered across a wide variety of popular and emerging platforms, including game consoles, social networks and mobile devices for serious and casual gamers alike.

JudoBaby is the originator of the Pet Sports League (PSL) which brings the love of pets, the thrill of sports, and family-friendly celebrities together to provide unparalleled entertainment experiences, and, wherein, the company is moving rapidly to expand its footprint and secure significant market share within the fastest growing sector of the casual gaming industry by establishing a series of new, unique and successful games under the PSL brand, featuring our flagship product Jerry Rice & Nitus'​ Dog Football (launched August 16th, 2011), and to publish and sell a variety of game properties produced by affiliated developers across a wide range of popular and emerging platforms.

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1 Jan, 2008

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