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  • San Francisco, CA, USA


Creating and Spreading Joy.

Magic Tavern is a place where various bards, mystics, necromancers and wizards join forces to create whimsical worlds for human.

We breathe and build games.

Having products featured by Apple and Google hundreds of times and winning applause in GDC, we develop and publish fun games from mobile, tablet to VR. We are frantically fueled by the surprise and joy people experienced in our creation, based upon our faith of delivering to the complex world some simple delightful moments.

Our veteran team has previously produced and led games with hundreds of millions of players. We know art, technology and emotional design. And we know on top of those are passion and working as a team.

Magic Tavern runs in a flat, dynamic, ever-learning and crazy environment. We hope you'll come find your fun.


Beijing, China

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