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At Silverware Games, we make fun games to help people find fun in life.

We are building the 'Matchyverse'​, a series of games staring 'Matchy Star'​ and friends. To create this universe we successfully released 'MatchyGotchy'​ a tamagotchi like casual game, 'MatchyGotchy Pack'​ a set of original papercraft models to build, and 'Matchy's Kooky Cookies'​ a clicker jam game. Currently we are working on 'MatchyGotchy Z'​ a sequel to 'MatchyGotchy'​ and 'Matchy Star'​ a Match-Them-All twist on a Match3 game.

We have also released unusually nerdy entertainment including 'Don't Shoot Yourself!'​ a puzzle shmup where you dodge your own bullets, 'Speedway Heroes,'​ a wacky kart race to the DMV including horses and UFOs, 'Composition J,'​ an abstract puzzler in the most artistic sense, and 'Strategery 2012,'​ where players become president of the USA "Avanced War"​ style.

We have published for mobile, PC, Mac, and web browsers since late 2000's; hopefully we will expand to console gaming in the future too. We love video games, we love entertainment.

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28 Jun, 2006

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