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  • Monroe, LA, USA


Highly addictive interactive fiction where you make the choices and you drive the story.

Delight Games makes interactive fiction for phones, tablets, and PCs. Why? To help make reading addictive.

People naturally love stories. We have been telling each other stories around campfires for thousands of years and I believe that enjoying a good story is written into humanity's culture and perhaps even into our DNA. Our games are about giving you an exciting story, except that you get to put yourself into the shoes of the novel's main character to try to survive to the end. Our games are dead simple. You read, you make choices, and there are consequences for those choices. For example, a zombie staggers toward you. Do you run? Push your friend in front of it? Use your hatchet to split its skull? When you first meet the love interest of your character, what do you say? Compliment him/her? Be aloof? Small talk? You decide.

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