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At Dig-It! Games™, we believe in the power of game-based learning. We are passionate about education, games and having a positive impact on our community and the world. We are dedicated to encouraging kids to expand their knowledge and discover a love of learning.

We have recently expanded our efforts towards commercial games. Our mobile games draw from our history in educational games to make satisfying, unique experiences that draw from historical settings and feature challenging puzzles.

Dig-It! Games™ is not your typical game studio. We believe in the power of game-based learning to enhance education by promoting critical thinking, independent learning, and the joy of intellectual discovery. Our games incorporate age-appropriate content in math, science, social studies and language arts into fun, interactive and engaging learning experiences. Through our seamless blend of fun and learning, we seek to inspire kids to think differently about learning.

Our games are tools that allow kids to think creatively, expand their knowledge and discover a love of learning. They engage different learning styles, allow learners to proceed at their own pace and encourage players to explore topics that are meaningful to them. Authentic and accurate information that conforms to curriculum mandates and Standards of Learning is built into every educational game we produce. At Dig-It! Games™, fun and learning go hand in hand.

Our new and upcoming entertainment games have been influenced from our history with educational games. We make compelling experiences that provide satisfying challenges to players.


Bethesda, Maryland

Company size

2-10 employees