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Stories that matter, stories that move.


FableVision Studios creates animations, games, websites, apps, videos, and more to help move the world to a better place. Our signature blend of positive messaging, storytelling, and interactive technologies is sought after by a host of best-in-class organizations, including leading publishers, broadcasters, educational and nonprofit organizations, museums, hospitals and health care organizations, such as PBS Kids, Smithsonian Institution, Sesame Workshop, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Mattel, the Jim Henson Company, and National Geographic Society.

Founded in 1996, the company has earned a reputation for its creative design and development of digital media that engages and inspires. The FableVision team has a deep understanding of the ways that people of all ages approach, comprehend, and apply knowledge, and build media to support their learning.


Boston, Massachusetts

Company size

11-50 employees