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  • Lansing, MI, USA


Developers of Bot Gaiden, the ultimate hardcore speed run. Bosses gain health with time, skill balanced co-op, momentum is key.

We are 3 gamer dads who never stopped dreaming. We take the 10-minute scraps of time between work, commuting, school functions, and family time and turn them into something special — our games.

We’d love nothing more than to make it our full-time pursuit. We were all NES gamers, and we want to bring the same sense of wonder and imagination to our kids and beyond. That means vibrant, colorful worlds and great melodic music and simple, catchy fun. We strive to make polished, high-fidelity 2D games.

We are currently working on Bot Gaiden, a stellar platformer for PC and consoles. But we’ve also released multiple games for iOS and Android. Check them out if you get a chance, they were great learning experiences.

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1 Jan, 2014

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