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  • 315 W Commercial St, Springfield, MO 65803, USA


Indie game developers inspired by the smallest nuances of the interactive medium.

Pixelscopic [ ˌpik səl ˈskäp ik ] means that every aspect of our work reflects a love of the smallest nuances of the digital medium. Founded on the principles of developing games and user experiences of impeccable quality, we craft otherworldly experiences with passion for subtle aesthetic detail and creative ambitions as expansive as our imaginations. With over 30 shipped titles combined, our experienced team of visionaries forge pathways that drive toward contemporary game design on multiple platforms, while gazing back at the wonders of our shared gaming past. Whether we are expounding epic lore or rewarding simple successes, we want our games to take root deep in the imaginative hearts of our fans.

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1 May, 2010

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