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Woodsy Studio develops visual novels and adventure games with a focus on complex characters and quality story-lines.

Early history

Woodsy Studio sprouted from the minds of two married screenwriters who moved out of Hollywood in 2008. Malcolm Pierce became a lawyer while Jenny Gibbons pursued her passions of art, music, and programming--not yet knowing what she would do with them. A few years later she created Serafina's Saga, a story of chaotic gods and greedy politicians that began as an animation and transformed into a visual novel. Malcolm Pierce started collaborating with her on the next project, an experimental sci-fi visual novel called Quantum Conscience. This game eschewed traditional choices in the narrative; instead, the story branched depending on the player's use of a mind-reading ability. For Quantum Conscience, Jenny enlisted her sister, artist Michelle Hagewood, for abstract backgrounds which emphasized the uncertainty and confusion of the hero's environment.

Expansion and returning to the world of Serafina

In early 2015, Woodsy Studio officially expanded to include Jenny's husband, lawyer/writer Malcolm Pierce. Together they wrote Serafina's Crown, penning the dialog for the debate sequences. Serafina's Crown returned to the world of Woodsy Studio's first title, Serafina's Saga. It picked up years later and tasked the player with ruling the land as Regent after the assassination of the Queen, solving the murder, and preventing a revolution. It was the first Woodsy Studio title to feature voice acting and released on Steam in March, 2016.

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