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  • 1 Washington St, Dover, NH 03820, USA


Medaverse Studio is a small indie studio in Dover, NH.

Medaverse was was founded in early 2002 in Madbury NH (Later we moved to the next city over into our current location in Dover NH.). Medaverse started out as a fiction writing site where all of the stories took place in a single universe the Meda-verse. Later on Medavese would evolve into a Gaming news & reviews site.

In 2006 we decided it was time to stop sitting on the sidelines, reporting news from other and throw our own hat into the ring. In early 2007 Medaverse was re-named ‘Medaverse Studio’ and became an official licensed developer for the Nintendo Wii and 2 years later on October 12th 2009 we released our first game ‘Gravitronix‘ on Nintendo’s Online service WiiWare, an 8 player arcade style battle game. We released our second games ‘R-Bot Vs’ for the Apple iPad in 2012, a throw back to the classic 2 player table top arcade games.

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1 Jan, 2002

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