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  • 206 Burrs Mill Rd, Southampton Township, NJ 08088, USA


SWDTech Games is a team of gamers dedicated to reimagining the classic RPG experience for modern-day platforms such as PS4 and PS Vita.

We grew up playing games like Final Fantasy, Earthbound, & Chrono Trigger, and aspire to produce our own classic.

Our development team is locked, loaded, and ready to fire on all cylinders. Most of us are experienced professionals that have been on multiple projects with both AAA companies like Capcom, Marvel, DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Sony; and smaller Indie companies like WadjetEye Games, Indestructible Cannon, Hotslug, and more! We’ve come together to create the RPG we’ve wanted to play for over a decade now!

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1 Mar, 2013

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