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Truly Social Games

Who we are is in our name. We make super fun and engaging mobile games for players around the world.


Who we are at Truly Social Games is really in our name. We aim to create engaging mobile games with an eye towards truly social interactions among both players and creators, around the world. We take pride in engaging with our players and allowing them to lend a hand in shaping the way our games are created.

We like to say that we're not a start up company, but more so a continuation! Truly Social Games was created by longtime friends and gaming industry veterans Cooper DuBois (co-founder of DoubleDown Interactive) and Patrick Tougas (Lead Designer at Ubisoft and Design Director at Capcom Game Studio Vancouver) in 2015. Our first mobile game, Planet Gold Rush, has gained global recognition and has 4+ star ratings in both the App Store and Google Play Store.

We employ a small but mighty team of 50+ employees spread across studios in Portland, Oregon (HQ), Vancouver, Canada and Minsk, Belarus.


Portland, Oregon

Company size

11-50 employees


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