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Cat Daddy Games is mobile games developer in Seattle, WA.

What's with the name?

Way before Harley Howe and Patrick Wilkinson formed Cat Daddy Games 20 years ago, a much younger Harley was exposed to the perils of falling trees at a family-owned timber company. In those days, it wasn't uncommon for a cut tree to get stuck on other trees as it crashed towards the ground. Harley learned that the only way to get these trees all the way down was with a "cat daddy,"​ a man who literally climbed up stuck trees, chopped off the limbs, and then rushed down the tree as it plummeted towards the earth. The longer Harley spent with these guys, the more he realized that cat daddys were almost solely responsible for all the random acts of brilliant stupidity happening out in the woods.

And so ...

Cat daddys left quite the impression on Harley, so when Pat and Harley started their company, it seemed fitting that Cat Daddy Games be the name. They were going against convention and playing it loose, creating adventurous games on a variety of emerging platforms without a safety net. Like a way geekier version of real cat daddys.

Pat and Harley's relationship grew and grew with multiple successful PC titles released and in 2003 they were purchased by Take-Two Interactive. With this they moved into console and delivered the Carnival Games franchise. As the industry changes so does their focus. They are now currently plugging away on mobile and VR games with some nice upcoming titles soon to be released.

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1 Jan, 1991

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