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  • 12131 113th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034, USA


Currently working on Wonder Woman

Monolith is a premier developer of AAA video games based in Kirkland, Washington. Founded in 1994, we’re a focused, single-project studio backed by a global entertainment leader with a rich legacy of critically and culturally significant titles.

Our Middle-earth: Shadow franchise raised the bar for personal, player-driven stories with its award-winning Nemesis System and firmly established Monolith as an innovator in the open-world genre.

For over two decades, we have controlled our destiny through the quality and success of our games. Whether it’s the groundbreaking AI of F.E.A.R., the storytelling and humor of No One Lives Forever, or the visceral action and violence of Blood and Condemned, many of our titles are still considered industry milestones to this day.

We are proud to have 20-year Monolith veterans working alongside brilliant new talent; a testament to our collaborative culture in which every voice is heard and every individual makes a significant contribution to our success.


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25 Oct, 1994

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