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We create places that become your world... Myst, Riven, Obduction, etc

Cyan is an interactive entertainment company best known for the popular Myst series. In business since 1987, they have design, development, and production experience in a wide range of games and interactive entertainment products - everything from mobile apps to massively multiplayer servers, systems, and clients.

After five products in the Myst series, Cyan turned its attention to making an exciting new kind of Myst world, a never ending world that would allow players to explore together. Uru (Myst Online) made use of a broadband internet connection to allow players to join the adventure of a lifetime in the caverns of D’ni. It spawned a thriving community and is still available to explore for free.

Cyan continues to draw on their past as they dream into the future. The mobile platforms are wonderfully personal ways to experience many of the original Cyan products, and a few new products have been added to the mix. In 2016, Cyan released Obduction, a sci-fi puzzle adventure game that harkens back to the experience of Myst – but with characters, stories, and environments that are all new and unexpected. And now Cyan is currently building Firmament — an entirely new product that Cyan will share more information on soon.

It’s been a long journey, not an overnight success. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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1 Jan, 1987

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