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  • One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA


Where the most talented people create great games, develop rewarding careers, and shape the future of automotive entertainment together.

Turn 10 Studios is made up of equal parts passionate game development studio, cutting edge tech innovation lab, and car & racing fans working collegially on our favorite endeavor in the interest of delivering the world’s best racing games. A division of Xbox Game Studios, Turn 10 are the nurturers, developers, and curators of the award winning Forza Motorsport franchise.

We’re interested in connecting with fans, artists, game developers, producers, and anyone else with an interest in, and energy for, Forza games and our community, for whom we focus our efforts each day and on every project. Come connect with us.

And if you’re ever in downtown Redmond, stop by our studio to check out some of Forza’s past cover cars in our lobby collection. We’re right next door to our sisters & brothers at the 343 Industries & Minecraft studios, and stop-bys are welcome during normal business hours. Come late enough in the day, and who knows, maybe afterwards you can catch up with some of our folks relaxing at one of the neighborhood brew pubs after hours. We can chat about all things Forza!

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1 Jan, 2001

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