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  • Seattle, WA, USA


Boutique video game studio, specializing in classic, 2D gaming-inspired experiences with modern horsepower. Skulls of the Shogun & GALAK-Z!

A tight-knit group of game industry veterans have united to create exciting, iconoclastic games for the whole world. Clocking in with over 34 years of collective industry experience, the team met while working on various projects at Electronic Arts Los Angeles. Haunted Temple Studios is a new studio formed as a collaboration with Plush Apocalypse and Buffalo Vision and is embracing downloadable games for next generation platforms and devices.

We are a Kyoto & Seattle-based independent developer with a gift for revitalizing classic genres for next-generation gaming.

Like many of you, we love bonafide classics as well as shinier, more cutting-edge creations. So it’s no accident that 17-Bit titles are the descendants of classic 8-Bit and 16-Bit 2D games—all lovingly draped in the luxury of modern horsepower, cutting-edge AI, and intoxicating gameplay.


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7 Jun, 2010

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