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  • Seattle, WA, USA


Jumo has created a new category, “Games-to-Life,” that changes the dynamic of today’s smart and connected toys

Jumo is changing the way toys and games are created, distributed and played.

With Games to Life, “Gaming just got real,” as the product enables in-game characters to come to life in the real world through interactive gameplay, seamlessly merging mobile gameplay and physical interaction. Jumo believes in a future where Games to Life toys allow kids and grown-ups to play in worlds that blend fantasy and reality.

Through active gameplay, Jumo creates engaging environments that encourage real-world play and social interaction. Gaming is social, and Jumo is creating a new type of connected experience that brings people together.

Jumo’s games are built for a mobile-first world. The toys and games interact with each other using existing mobile phone technology with no new hardware to buy.


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1 Jan, 2014

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