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The goal behind Eden Industries is to combine immediately accessible and fun gameplay, which we believe to be the primary root from which all gaming has grown, with modern design sensibilities.

The name “Eden Industries” highlights our mission and philosophy. The ‘Eden’ part of the name comes from the Biblical Garden of Eden, which was the pinnacle of beauty and perfection. It also represents a perfect beginning. This is relevant to us since we’re most inspired by the games of our youth when gaming began (or at least was very young). Moreover, we aspire to make games with great aesthetic appeal.

However, that’s not just what we’re about! The ‘Industries’ part of the name invokes a sense of modernization, industry, and ingenuity. Although we love the games of our youth, we recognize that there have been a lot of great advancements and ideas over the years. It’s our mission to incorporate these concepts into our games in order to infuse our core of fun with full-featured, polished experiences that people have come to enjoy and expect.

And so the entirety of the name reflects our goal to provide a fusion of the core essence of unique and exciting gameplay with the pleasantries that modern gamers have come to expect to create a final product that harkens to the halcyon, rose-coloured days of our youth, while also satiating our appetite for a polished, beautiful, well-executed experience.


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1 May, 2010

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