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  • 713 Main St 3rd Floor, Moncton, NB E1C 1E3, Canada


Gogii Games is casual games developer and publisher working with external development companies and IP owners to help develop, create, distribute, and license unique IP or product to retail, online and alternative channels worldwide.

The Gogii staff has decades of combined experience in the video game business, and a deep network of relationships within the industry that they will use to leverage products and IP to consumers and distributors around the world. With over 60 products across 10 languages and 10 countries with more than 9 #1-selling titles, Gogii Games has been a reliable source for consistently strong casual products for every aspect of the industry. From PC and MAC to NintendoDS and Wii, from iOS to Android, and with such franchises as Escape the Museum 1 & 2, The Hidden Object Show 1 & 2, and the #1 hit Princess Isabella: A Witch’s Curse, Gogii Games delivers great games.

Gogii Games always strives to provide top-quality products with development studios in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prague, France, and Romania. With developers, distribution and an incredible pedigree of gaming knowledge, Gogii Games can take your current IP or new product and position it to be a successful franchise.


Moncton, Canada

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1 Jan, 2006

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