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Artifact 5

Creating games that marry mechanics and message in lush 3D worlds, using the surreal to reflect on and enhance reality.



Artifact 5 is a boutique company that creates distinct surreal and emotionally driven games for PC, console and VR. Artifact 5 diverges from the pack by creating new modes of storytelling through mechanics. The way our games progress through narrative is married with the controls themselves. As a small agile indie studio, Artifact 5 has the flexibility to expand our expertise in PC, console, and VR and other mediums across genres and projects.

We are currently focused on a witchy RPG project for PC and console.

Our studio has won awards from Game Connection America, the Montreal Independent Games Festival, and the Boston Festival of Indie Games. We have been showcased at IndieCade, Day of the Devs, Fantastic Fest, the PAX East 2018 Indie Megabooth, the Festival NewImages 2018, and were nominated at the A.MAZE 2018 awards in Berlin.


Montreal, Quebec

Company size

2-10 employees