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Cardbord Utopia

Cardboard Utopia was born in 2014 in Montreal, the game development capital of Canada. Counting several veterans of the AAA game industry in its ranks, the studio strives to produce memorable, high quality games.



Putting the skills of our experienced designers and programmers to good use, we aim at creating engaging experiences through technical game design that translates into deep mechanics for the players to obsess over. We also founded Cardboard Utopia on the belief that the best, most cherished games are the ones that generate thoughts & emotions. To do so, we want to exploit the storytelling power of the video game medium and craft original, rich stories with diverse characters which will resonate with a wide range of players.

Children of Zodiarcs is Cardboard Utopia’s first project.

Cardboard Utopia’s team is made of passionate, talented and experienced developers, many of which have known the AAA blockbuster trenches. We've worked on games such as the

Assassin's Creed franchise (Brotherhood, Recollections), Far Cry 3, and Rainbow6 Patriots.


Montreal, Quebec

Company size

2-10 employees