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We are an indie dev working on the award winning, time traveling game TimeMelters! Wishlist now on Steam

We are a video game studio that strives to create innovative gameplay mixed with rich and unique universes. We are inspired by games of old, whether that be consoles games such as: Phantasy Star, Castlevania, Wonderboy III, and even Cabbage Patch Kids for the Coleco Vision, or even older PC games like: Dark Omen, Wing Commander, Diablo, King’s Quest, Star Control II, etc… In our honest opinion, every game back then had its own unique gameplay. For example, we can describe games as an RTS now, but back then the only RTS games were Warcraft and Dune 2.

With their uniqueness, these games paved the way for entire genres to be formed, and that’s what amazed us back then and still amazes us today. We don’t settle with cloning games by simply changing the context or the visuals, we want to create something entirely new, with never before seen mechanics and game rules. Our studio is called AutoExec games as an homage to these pioneers. Back in the day it was a command line you had to enter to start a game, you had to type c:\autoexec.bat, and even sometimes edit it or the config.sys file in an attempt to free up more RAM to launch the game. So, in summary, our goal is to create something fresh, something different, something old time gamers like us will find challenging, but above all else, it has to be fun!

Founded in 2017, AutoExec games is located on the South Shore of Montreal. The CEO of the company is Vincent Blanchard, industry veteran, co-founder of Artifice Studio and co-designer/producer of the game Sang-Froid – Tales of Werewolves, which sold more than 300,000 copies worldwide.


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Varennes, Canada

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1 Mar, 2017

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